I've been excited to share the world of Antique Magic with you. If you'd like to read and listen to some of my interviews concerning the books, you may do so below.


Concerning Mourning Dove Locket.

At Eye on Ashenclaw where I chatted with Gary Vanucci about the new book.


A spotlight on Mourning Dove Locket at A.F. Stewart's Are You Afraid of the Dark?


Concerning The Artist's Inheritance:


At The Roses of Prose: Guest blog: Marriage vs. the Status Quo of Romance


At author Michael Fedison's blog: Guest blog: Eye of the Beholder

Writing Through Life's Storms at blog of author Patty G. Henderson


Guardians and ghosts--Guest post at blog of best selling paranormal author Clarissa Johal.


Interview at Illusions of Intimacy, blog of best selling fantasy author Marsha A, Moore.


Interview at Author Babette James' Blog, which you can see here.

Interview with Ginger Nuts of Horror.

Interview with Sandra Ulbrich Almazan (Blog Ring of Power, part one).

Interview with Dean C. Rich (Blog Ring of Power, part two).

Interview with author Terri Bruce (Blog Ring of Power, part three).

Interview with author T.W. Fendley (Blog Ring of Power, part four).

Interview with author E.M. LaBonte (Blog Ring of Power, part five)


Character Interview with Caitlin at Laurie's Paranormal Thoughts.

Ghosts as Paranormal Heroes at Fangtastic Books.


Get to Know the Author w/ Geoff Wakeling (here)

At Eolyn with author Karin Rita Gastreich (here)


Are Ghosts Real, guest blog at The Speculative Salon.


Concerning Caitlin's Book of Shadows:


Spotlight at author Marsha A. Moore's blog.


Concerning Drawing Down the Shades:


Celebrating Pagan Fiction at The Saturated Page, blog of author Jolene Dawe.


Spotlight at blog of best selling author Mila A. Ballentine here.

The Antique Magic series at Highlighted Author.


And more will be forthcoming. So stay tuned!



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